Preparing Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses for Child Custody

Preparing Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses for Child Custody

Father — Phil 2: However, they have been deceived by a counterfeit religion that on the surface looks good, but is leading many into spiritual darkness. If they were truly just other sects or denominations of Christianity, why would they send missionaries to the doors of Christians to proselytize them into their religious groups? Why would they be concerned about gaining converts out of Christianity, if they were honestly part of Christianity? To add emphasis to the Mormon claims concerning Christianity, 1 Nephi Behold there are save two churches only; the one is the church of the Lamb of God, and the other is the church of the devil. According to the Book of Mormon which church is your church? Since Jesus promised to protect His Church, how could the Christian church have apostatized to the point of needing a new religion to be developed in order to restore it to the earth? But even though we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed.

Why Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses are Not Christians

No birthdays, Christmas, or any other holidays All the other kids are doing fun Thanksgiving drawings of Turkeys by tracing their hands. That looks like so much fun! None—not even my birthday.

Religion: How It Was Employed As A Control System To Divide & Conquer. What is the Basic Purpose of Religion? Religion is designed to focus the people’s attention and energy on a single, unchanging, uncompromising and invisible supreme being who allegedly created an inferior human race just for some extra companionship and love for himself and then supposedly foisted a set of oppressive and in.

Jehovah Witness Jehovah Witness: He was only year-old when he began a Bible study that focused on the second coming of Jesus, as well as the chronology of the Bible. As a result of his study, which took place around , he published numerous books. During that decade, he also presented several formal lectures. Russell served as the president until he died in Russell also authored a series of books called “Studies in the Scriptures,” which became the basis of the Jehovah Witness theology.

The organization is based in Brooklyn, New York. The Basic Theology Jehovah Witness theology has many subtle and not-so-subtle nuances. Here are the basics of Watchtower doctrine: God is a single being, not a Trinity. He is not all-knowing or present everywhere. First, God created Michael the Archangel, through whom God later created all “other things,” such as the earth, the universe, and all mankind.

Jehovah’s Witness Beliefs, Rules, Facts, History and Bible

When a Catholic falls in love with a Jehovah’s Witness, it’s time to ask how much she and her boyfriend should compromise. Dear Thomas, I’m 23 and have fallen in love with a Jehovah’s Witness. We’ve been together every day for 6 months. He hasn’t practiced his religion since he was 21 he is now almost But he says he will more than likely go back to it when he has a family.

I grew up Catholic, with holidays, and my family would be very upset if I threw our family holiday time away as well as possibly becoming a Jehovah’s Witness.

Dating A Jehovah’s Witness. Jehovah’s Witnesses have very strict dating rules. The more zealous a Jehovah’s Witness is, the more serious they are about the dating rules and proper etiquette.

This section uncritically uses texts from within a religion or faith system without referring to secondary sources that critically analyze them. Please help improve this article by adding references to reliable secondary sources , with multiple points of view. July Learn how and when to remove this template message In Matthew In 2 Corinthians 2: Fornication is not the only ground for excommunication, according to the apostle: He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.

This is where the foundling wheel once stood. The inscription declares, citing a 12 November papal bull of Pope Paul III , that God inflicts “maledictions and excommunications” on all who abandon a child of theirs whom they have the means to rear, and that they cannot be absolved unless they first refund all expenses incurred. Within the Catholic Church, there are differences between the discipline of the majority Latin Church regarding excommunication and that of the Eastern Catholic Churches.

Latin Church[ edit ] In Latin Catholic canon law , excommunication is a rarely applied [1] censure and thus a “medicinal penalty” intended to invite the person to change behaviour or attitude, repent, and return to full communion. According to Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki , “excommunication does not expel the person from the Catholic Church, but simply forbids the excommunicated person from engaging in certain activities Under current Catholic canon law, excommunicates remain bound by ecclesiastical obligations such as attending Mass, even though they are barred from receiving the Eucharist and from taking an active part in the liturgy reading, bringing the offerings, etc.

These are the only effects for those who have incurred a latae sententiae excommunication.

20 Facts About the Bible To Spiritualize This Day

Beliefs Jehovah’s Witnesses see themselves as a worldwide brotherhood that transcends national boundaries and national and ethnic loyalties. They believe that since Christ proclaimed that his kingdom was no part of the world and refused to accept a temporal crown, they too must keep separate from the world and refrain from political involvement. Gene Owens; Nieman Reports, Fall Like many reforming churches, the Witnesses base their lives and beliefs on the example of the early Christian Church and the words of the Bible.

They see the Bible as the main way in which God communicates his will to human beings, and they interpret it literally except for passages that are obviously meant to be symbolic or poetic. Witnesses test any religious idea or teaching against the Bible – if an idea or teaching doesn’t agree with the Bible then they regard it as wrong. The Bible itself reveals why it is so accurate in scientific, historical, and other matters and why it is so harmonious and honest.

The Jehovah’s Witness lifestyle discourages children from associating with non-Jehovah’s Witness peers, participating in extra-curricular, after school activities, pursuing a four-year college degree and full-time career interests outside of the Watchtower religion.

This is because the Bible makes it clear that human beings do not have an immortal soul that survives when the body dies. There is no place where sinners are tormented after death – since their existence is over, nothing can be done to them or for them. Witnesses also argue that it would be completely against God’s nature to torture humans for eternity. However, death is not the end of everything: The funeral usually takes place within a week after death.

At the service, men wear a suit and tie, and women are expected to dress modestly, but neither needs a head covering. Flowers and food may be offered to the family before, during or after the service. There may or may not be an open casket. The Congregation Elder conducts the service and delivers a talk, which may be tape recorded. The talk will highlight the deceased person’s life, accomplishments in their ministry, whatever dying thoughts or expressions they may have left behind, and their hope that they had because of their faith in God and his son, Jesus.

The purpose of the talk is to comfort the bereaved by explaining what the Bible says about death and the hope of a resurrection. Rather than being an overly mournful event, it is a time when family and friends can be reassurred of the time when the Bible promises that, thanks to the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the dead will be raised, and they will see their loved one again.

Abrahamic religions

There is a far greater risk that [the boy] will be influenced The father accepts that [the boy] should not be exposed to such religious based media until [he] is at least The boy now lived with his mother, who did not practise any religion. The boy’s father had asked the judge to decide how much time he could spend with the boy.

The Historical Background. Jehovah Witness doctrine was founded by Charles Taze Russell. He was only 18 years old when he began a Bible study that focused on the second coming of Jesus, as well as the chronology of the Bible.

Organizational structure of Jehovah’s Witnesses Jehovah’s Witnesses are organized hierarchically , in what the leadership calls a “theocratic organization”, reflecting their belief that it is God’s “visible organization” on earth. Traveling overseers appoint local elders and ministerial servants, and while branch offices may appoint regional committees for matters such as Kingdom Hall construction or disaster relief. Elders maintain general responsibility for congregational governance, setting meeting times, selecting speakers and conducting meetings, directing the public preaching work, and creating “judicial committees” to investigate and decide disciplinary action for cases involving sexual misconduct or doctrinal breaches.

Ministerial servants—appointed in a similar manner to elders—fulfill clerical and attendant duties, but may also teach and conduct meetings. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not practice infant baptism, [ ] and previous baptisms performed by other denominations are not considered valid. Funding Much of their funding is provided by donations , primarily from members. There is no tithing or collection. Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs Sources of doctrine Jehovah’s Witnesses believe their denomination is a restoration of first-century Christianity.

They believe that all worship should be directed toward him, and that he is not part of a Trinity ; [ ] consequently, the group places more emphasis on God than on Christ. Satan influenced Adam and Eve to disobey God, and humanity subsequently became participants in a challenge involving the competing claims of Jehovah and Satan to universal sovereignty. They believe that Satan is the ruler of the current world order, [ ] that human society is influenced and misled by Satan and his demons, and that they are a cause of human suffering.

They also believe that human governments are controlled by Satan, [ ] but that he does not directly control each human ruler. Jehovah’s Witnesses and salvation Jehovah’s Witnesses believe death is a state of non-existence with no consciousness.

Can Jehovah’s witnesses date people who aren’t in that religion?

The Jehovah’s Witness hall in Traralgon. Joe Armao One includes allegations from four states including rape, sexual assault, blackmail and death threats. There will also be a national royal commission. Education is discouraged within the sect. This was in remote South Australia.

Top Ten Things Wrong with Jehovah’s Witnesses. 1. Christ Jesus is not their mediator but the governing body/organization is. (Compare 1 Timothy ).

Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: The Bible’s counsel in regards to marriage is that one is only look for a person to marry who is “in the Lord”, or within the same congregation of believers and worshipers of Jehovah God. I know your question is about dating, but in God’s viewpoint, dating is not something that is merely a recreational activity as the world in general today seems to make it out to be , but it is part of the process of individuals looking to get married.

If someone begins to date a person who is not a fellow worshiper of Jehovah, then they are in clear violation of Christian principles. These principles include 1 Corinthians Bad associations spoil useful habits. A great number of problems can be avoided by individuals if they look to marry a member of the same faith. They can avoid problems such as how to raise a child in a mixed-religion household, and how to deal with situation when one person’s religion calls for them to do something the other person’s religion says is wrong or unacceptable.

If an individual decides to start and continue dating someone outside of the faith, they are choosing to violate Christian principles which is a very serious situation they are putting themselves in. God expects his congregation to be clean, and for his people to be obedient to him. Punishment in one form or another may be warranted upon someone who chooses to go against Bible counsel.

Jehovah’s Witness Convert

What do the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe? Who are the Jehovah’s Witnesses? The religious movement known today as the Jehovah’s Witnesses began in Pennsylvania in the s as a Bible class led by Charles Taze Russell.

Jehovah’s Witness Convert Lou Everett, Jr. Lou Everett was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for more than 14 years. During that time, he served as a full-time minister .

This proves their special place as lone monopolisers of truth and salvation. It is regularly stated that no other religion has an accurate understanding of the Bible, in fact; few other people truly love God. All Christian religions have a level of similarity, even the Catholics so venomously denounced in the Watchtower. Most develop a creed that goes beyond the Bible. Many state that their way is the only one that accurately follows the Bible and only way to salvation.

They do this by focusing on the areas of differentiation rather than the areas of similarity, much like two sales people of two products that both achieve a clients end needs. These are all American religions that were started within the last two centuries by charismatic leaders, disillusioned with existing religions and interested in eschatology. Though each one differs on one or two core doctrines their similarities make distinguishing one over the other as the sole purveyor of truth quite impossible.

If devoted theologians can not agree on doctrine, what hope has the humble follower to decide one religious doctrine superior to another? An interesting religion is the Worldwide Church of God. They were exceptionally similar doctrinally to Jehovah’s Witnesses. On the death of Armstrong the religion officially apologised for many errant teachings and have now become main stream evangelical Christian.

This raises the question ‘was God’s Holy Spirit originally directing them to be similar to the Witnesses and did Satan take over for them to divert from the path?

Ex-Jehovah’s witness reveals secrets of religious group

Dec 02, – Obviously some of these are misunderstanderstandings of our beliefs and practices. One example is But it is a misunderstanding. We do not carry firearms lest we become bloodguilty by killing someone who doesn’t need killing.

Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in dating people outside of their religion because dating is supposed to lead to marriage, and Paul told early Christians not to be ‘unevenly yoked’, i.e. they should not develop close friendships and partner with unbelievers.

In short, they want you to join their religion. Each person that answers the door is a prospective recruit. Inevidably, they have a goal to convert you by means of baptism into their religion. They believe they have the only true religion and that all other religions are under Satan. Other teachings of theirs are considered heretical, blasphemous and legalist. The JWs have lost many members.

Though they state that their numbers are growing, there is no proof of this claim. After many leaving due to their excessive history of false prophesies and coverups, it is assumed that they wanted to create a new image in the public eye.


What can I do? I agree with you that the Bible warns that a Christian should not marry outside of the Christian faith. I believe that there are rules, principles, feelings, and blessings of Jehovah God that no organization in this world can ever understand. I also think that if any organization or person claims that he or she possesses the right or power to interfere in these matters, then I think the organization or the person is trying to take the place of Jehovah God in the lives of others.

In our case, we both have felt that Jehovah God has created, blessed and accepted our relationship. Yet, she has been forced to hate me and she is not even talking to me.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE FOR COUNSELORS OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES? “I’m a licensed counselor and my client is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. What advice would you give to a therapist/counselor working.

Those nine words, though, are far from simple. They are a death sentence of sorts. Everyone in that auditorium knew immediately what those words meant: Eric has been cast off, expelled, excommunicated, disfellowshipped. This was a far cry from the five-year-old boy who stood, curious, hanging on his mom, wondering who the two ladies at the front door were. Even then, as a kid, I thought it was a little strange for ladies with dresses and book bags to be at our front door.

But mom seemed interested, even excited! These ladies, Kate and DeeDee had good news, mom said. The answers that her and my stepdad had been looking for had literally just walked up to the front door. It could be nothing if not divine direction, right? I could never have known then, at five years old, what those two ladies showing up at our door would mean for the next quarter century of my life.

Secrets from the Cult – An Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Speaks Out

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