The Kurdish effect: How a quest for independence impacts the region

The Kurdish effect: How a quest for independence impacts the region

Ten years ago, the systematic gassing of the Kurdish population of northern Iraq had far less impact on America. Only six months after the slaughter at Halabja, the White House lent Saddam Hussein another billion dollars. The next morning Iraqi bombers appeared out of a clear blue sky. The people of Halabja were used to the successive attacks and counter-attacks of the Iraq-Iran war that had ravaged the region since September They thought they were in for the usual reprisal raid. Those who had time huddled in makeshift shelters. The rest were taken by surprise. Wave after wave of Iraqi Migs and Mirages dropped chemical bombs on the unsuspecting inhabitants. The town was engulfed in a sickly stench like rotten apples. The bombing stopped at nightfall and it began to rain hard.

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Share this article Share Much of the weaponry and military equipment currently in the hands of the jihadists was gathered after thousands of members of the U. As the soldiers fled the scene, they left behind millions of pounds worth of top-of-the-range and barely used equipment – all of which was quickly swept up by ISIS. Since then the Kurdish peshmerga forces have carried out the defence of much of northern Syria and Iraq, despite the fact many of the militants only know how to operate clunky, decades-old Soviet-era weapons and are hugely under-resourced in terms of ammunition and protective equipment.

The peshmerga troops were forced to take the initiative and create their own armoured vehicles after the far better equipped ISIS jihadists repeatedly got the better of the Kurds’ Soviet-era military fleet Homemade: In order to resist ISIS’ high-tech firepower, the Kurdish forces have converted tractors and other farm equipment into heavily-armoured vehicles fitted aging Soviet-era guns Protection: An off-road vehicle is seen covered in bullet-proof metal, making it much harder for ISIS to destroy Force:

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Barham Salih, 58, who previously served as Iraq’s planning minister and the prime minister of the self-ruled Kurdish region, was elected president by parliament and sworn in on Tuesday. He then tapped Adel Abdul-Mahdi, 76, an independent Shiite politician and former vice president, to form the next government. Under an unofficial agreement dating back to the U.

Both Salih and Abdul-Mahdi are longstanding members of the political class that has dominated Iraqi politics since then. Abdul-Mahdi emerged as a compromise candidate after two Shiite-led blocs each claimed to have majority support in parliament. He had strong backing from Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose followers won the most seats in the May elections and who formed a bloc with the current prime minister, Haider al-Abadi. The other bloc, which is dominated by politicians and militia leaders close to Iran, initially rejected Abdul-Mahdi but then agreed to support him after Sunni and Kurdish parties rallied to his side, according to a Shiite politician who took part in the discussions.

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Should intelligence agencies dirty their hands by working with and perhaps even paying human rights abusers and those engaged in illicit activities? While in an ideal world the CIA would not work with those with blood on their hands, often it is these very same people whom it is necessary to compromise to gain insight into decision-making and activities. The important thing for intelligence operators is not to lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Masrour Barzani, chancellor of the Kurdistan Regional Security Council, speaks at a press conference on the front line in the northern Iraqi city of Dohuk in the northwestern Kurdish province of Dohuk on December 18, But, as he grew increasingly erratic, the CIA cut him loose. Ultimately, he became a target rather than a partner.

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Inhabitation can be proven in the Neolithic Period and continues up to the Ottoman Period and present day, making it one of the oldest continuously-inhabited sites in the region — dating at least 9, years. Professor Daniele Morandi Bonacossi speaks at press conference in Duhok on October 9, , about the progress an Italian and Kurdish team made in archaeological digs this season. During the dry late summer season, teams of archaeologists from around the world have flocked to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region following the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime.

The latter name has been found on inscriptions on the Jerwan Aqueduct in present-day northern Nineveh province, where Assyrian King Sennacherib built the Atrush Canal to bring water to his empire. The battle is also called the Battle of Arbela. LoNAP They had three operations in All of the bodies discovered were accompanied by vessels containing offerings for the dead including the cooked bones of sheep and birds.

These people were buried in the cemetery that we are excavating now. This is the most important grave that we have found this year. When archaeologists understand the diet of peoples, they can hypothesize and prove how they lived, whether they were nomadic or agrarian, etc.

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Debates on new Iraqi oil contracts center around the region and its practices, and the neighboring countries of Turkey and Iran periodically treat the region as a battleground, with little regard for its inhabitants. Perhaps precisely because Iraqi Kurdistan is a semi-independent autonomous area and not a fully independent state in its own right, the region presents many debates and conflicts with few clear cut answers.

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Kurdish leaders are now pushing for a dialogue with Iraq to pave the way to independence. Share on facebook Share on twitter Kurds celebrate to show their support for the independence referendum in Duhok, Iraq, September 26, They were the last to leave the Kurdish region of Iraq before Baghdad ordered the airport closed in retaliation for an independence referendum held on September The scenes at Erbil International Airport were more festive than dour. According to Rudaw, a local news channel, the airport serves around 5, passengers a day.

Be the first to know – Join our Facebook page. The threats have united the Kurdish political parties and resulted in the reopening of the local Kurdish parliament. However, in the wake of the referendum, the powers arrayed against the autonomous KRG in northern Iraq are impressive. Turkey has also threatened sanctions and said it would now work directly with Baghdad rather than the Kurdish region to which it previously had been close.

Flight ban imposed on Iraq’s Kurdish region after vote, September 29, Reuters The US led international opposition to the Kurdish vote, claiming it distracts from the war against Islamic State and that it is a unilateral action that will lead to the breakup of Iraq, in which the US had invested billions since the invasion.

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The presence of Kurdish weavers in the northwestern area of Persia and the Iranian Kurdistan region has led to some stylistic overlap. Antique Kurdish rugs are one of the few under-recognized rug types to emerge in the past 30 years. Although these antique Kurdish village carpets feature motifs that are reminiscent of Caucasian designs, Kurdish weavers were a very small minority in areas north of Persia. There are many clans and sub-groups, such as the Jaff and Sanjabi, who produce individual designs.

Antique Kurdish rugs feature elegant curvilinear shrubs, superb Herati motifs, Memling guls and exquisite floral.

Blood feuds plague Kurdish regions 11th May , 0 comments Masked assailants gunned down 44 people — including the bride and groom and six children — in the village square last week.

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Pour the boiling water over the mixture and let stand for 30 minutes. Put in a food processor and process for about 20 seconds. Add 1 cup of flour and process again until it is a smooth texture. You can also work the flour in by hand, if you do not have a food processor.

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Advertise Heavy-handed action by the state could backfire, exposing it to accusations of authoritarian behavior and further alienating Kurds ahead of the vote. Moreover, Turkey’s power structures could be at odds over what course to take: Kurdish banned in many official locations Kurdish was banned in Turkey until , and today it is barred in schools, parliament and other official settings on the grounds that it would divide the country along ethnic lines.

Kurds, who are distantly related to Iranians, make up about a fifth of Turkey’s more than 70 million people. The issue of language has come up in Spain, however, where rules in the national parliament in Madrid require lawmakers to speak Spanish. A few years ago, a Catalan nationalist spoke Catalan, and the speaker reprimanded him. But such cases are rare.

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