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In Glee does Finn love Rachel or Quinn? However when Finn heard that Jesse was back in town in the recent Episode “Prom Queen” he began to act “protective” to Rachel as he had been there the year before when he had hurt her. Finn “broke” the two apart and began fighting with Jesse – and later that same night Quinn slapped Rachel across the face in the bathroom – the two of them continued talking in the bathroom as Quinn and Rachel had both had a very dramatic night. Quinn knows its pucks child because they have sex one drunk night, because apparently she felt fat and got drunk. Despite the rockiness in their relationship before she became pregnant, after she became pregnant she started to show her softer more innocent side. Rachel is such a loudmouth and gets annoying!

Quinn Fabray

When not globetrotting, Donovan loves hosting gatherings, especially outdoor movie patio nights. I totally turned away when Shu and Beiste too! Chico Totally didnt see that coming with the kiss! Oh dear God, why did I say that? I am definitely enjoying the new additions to the cast.

Quinn is first introduced as a popular and cheerleader who is dating the quarterback, Finn Hudson. She is a snobby cheerleader who thinks she is superior to her peers. It is then revealed that she is pregnant with Noah Puckerman’s child and the couple put the baby up for adoption.

Share They haven’t married because they aren’t even in a relationship. I’m going to guess somewhere around , after Rachel is huge success on Broadway and Quinn has settled on what sort of career she’s going to have. They’ll be years old, they’ll have been dating solidly for years, probably be living together for at least a couple of those years in New York, of course. They’ll have a pet of some kind, Quinn seems like a cat person but Rachel seems like a dog person so maybe they’ll have both.

Quinn’s planning on making it big in LA as an actress which she will acheive, eventually writing best selling novels about her life story , and Rachel dreams of becoming a huge Broadway star which she will also acheive, though not as big as she had anticipated. She’ll live a nice life, playing both Evita and Funny Girl.

Rachel and Quinn’s Seven Best More Than Friends Moments on “Glee”

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So, we thought we’d look into the world of Glee, since, after all, everyone knows about the relationships between Lea Michele & Cory Monteith (RIP) and Melissa Benoist & .

She has a portrait of Jesus Christ on her wall, a collection of various dainty cross necklaces, and lots of pink. Profession… high school student at McKinley High. Along with her boyfriend, quarterback Finn Hudson, she rules the school. In order to spy on Finn, Quinn auditions for the group called New Directions and is admitted as a member. Coach Sylvester subsequently recruits her to spy on the glee club in order to bring it down from the inside.

Interests… celibacy, being snobbish, and sustaining her spot at the top of the social hierarchy. Though her primary interest is cheerleading, Quinn shows significant promise in the glee club. She also serves as president of the Celibacy Club. Though she lies to him about many things, from her virginity to the fact that she had sex with his best friend, Puck. Challenge… achieving perfect balance in all aspects of her seemingly perfect life.

Afterwards, she had to do serious damage control to explain why her boyfriend had so disturbed the status quo.

The New Girl In New Directions – A Glee Fanfic

If you just want to talk about the show, stop by our Glee Forum. It also spawned a British singing contest called “Don’t Stop Believing” yes, with the ‘g’ that lasted six episodes in summer , was won by the only team who sang Barbra Streisand , and has never been mentioned since. Please note that The Glee Project has its own page, so don’t put examples from that here.

Are Any Glee Stars Dating. Medicare Rebate Dating Scan. In the fifth season, Sue takes are any glee stars dating over the role of Principal and makes Figgins the florida senior dating sites school janitor.

Mash-Up Puck shirtless Puck briefly drops his fixation on Quinn and the baby, and instead he starts to focus on Rachel. After watching Schindler’s List with his mother and sister, Puck’s mom guilts him with the question of why he can’t find a nice Jewish girl. That night, he has a dream of Rachel coming into his window.

The realization that they are both hot Jews, leads Puck to attempt his hand at wooing Rachel. Puck and Rachel are placed together in the song mash-up, and during their practice, Puck suggests they make-out. When Rachel starts picturing Finn during their make-out session, she tells Puck the reason she won’t go any further is that she needs a man brave enough to perform a solo. The next day at school, he buys Rachel a grape slushie because he knows it’s her favorite after seeing her lick her lips the last time he threw a slushie at her.

He later performs a solo of Sweet Caroline , causing every girl to swoon and earn him glares from Finn and Santana when they realize he is singing to Rachel. Unfortunately, dating Rachel is social suicide for Puck, who is targeted by his friends on the Football team. Puck making-out with Rachel. However, when Coach Ken Tanaka makes the boys choose between the football team and the glee club, Puck decides to return to choose Glee for Rachel in an effort to prove himself to her.

However their relationship does not last long because Rachel is still deluded with her school girl crush and Puck likes Quinn. Puck figures out that the reason is Finn for Rachel, she, in turn, figures out that Puck has feelings for Quinn and calls him out on it. Puck is then physically frustrated at not being able to admit to Rachel that his feelings are for his baby and not just the cheerleader herself.

Rachel-Finn Relationship

Call me Q, Quinnie or just Quinn. My parents are Russell and Judy Fabray. I have a sister, too.

1. She got into Yale. As many ‘Gleeks’ know, Quinn Fabray really wasn’t the best role model for awhile. Quinn set pianos on fire, smoked, drank, partied, and worst of all, she was impregnated by her best friend’s boyfriend; however, despite all the drama, she still managed to be a stellar student.

Season 1[ change change source ] Rachel is the daughter of an interracial same-sex couple. She is Jewish and was named after Rachel Green from Friends. She hopes that fame will increase her popularity and to find a boyfriend. She is bullied by members of the school cheerleading and football teams. She is, however, excited that quarterback Finn Hudson joins the club. She then develops a crush on him.

Cory Monteith

Finn risks alienation by the football team after joining the Glee Club at the beginning of the series. In Season One , Finn dates popular head cheerleader Quinn Fabray , until he discovers that she slept with his best friend, Noah Puckerman , and lied about Finn being the father of her child. He also graduates from McKinley High in Goodbye.

After a week hiatus, “Glee” was back with a brand new episode. After an even longer break, Noah “Puck” Puckerman also returned after not appearing in the past.

Checking in with Quinn Fabray: So, I usually only speak of these relationships as a starting point and never really address them in terms of the current situations. In a perfect world, these relationships would be the most interesting, because Quinn has changed. Does she hate her Dad for verbally disowning her and kicking her out?

Does she hate her Mom for being so spineless? Is she proud of her Mom for kicking her father out? Not to mention, the pair were hardly ever on equal footing – Quinn bossed Finn around, took advantage of his naivete, and in general was not terribly kind to him. These are not the hallmarks of a healthy relationship.

When did Quinn and Rachel get married?

Emma calls Will in a panic and he convinces Finn to step up and be the team leader he was meant to be. Finn returns to the group with new music and pulls them together. With the song Finn brought, an old one they have performed before, and Rachel pulling a ballad she already knows from her repertoire, they have a new set list and a crowd pleasing performance.

The director of the Jane Addams School for Girls has a change of heart and goes to confess to the judges that Sue leaked the New Directions set list to her and the other school director before the competition, but it is too late. The judges have already made their decision and declare New Directions the winners. Back at the school, Sue gets suspended for her actions and the kids show Will their trophy, telling him how much he means to them.

Born Dianna Elise Agron on 30th April, in Savannah, Georgia, USA, she is famous for Quinn Fabray on Glee. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Dianna Agron has been in 9 on-screen matchups, including Cory Monteith in Glee (), Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four (), Chace Crawford in Glee (), Chord Overstreet in Glee () and Naya Rivera in Glee ().Weight: 58 kg.

That used to be Quinn. So Brooke is like the new Quinn! He should NOT have said that. Quinn looks pretty mad. You had a baby with Puckerman when you were dating Finn and then you gave her up and now you want her back. You know Quinn, you won’t always be the top bitch. And didn’t you join the skanks? After the 4 of us have a nice dinner, I go home and check Jacob Ben Israel’s blog just to see what’s going on.

The headline is titled, ‘Cheerio and Glee Promiscuism’ “Word has it that Brooke Yancey, aka Cheerio and Glee hottie, is whoring around with man slut and glee loser Noah Puckerman although she is currently dating bleach blonde glee star Sam Evans. Word also has it that Quinn Fabray is whoring around with one Sam Evans although Fabray is dating the Frankenteen mediocre glee star Finn Hudson who is said to sill be in love with Rachel Berry. We’ll keep you posted as more info about the promiscuism glee reports as new information comes in.

I don’t know what to believe.

Glee – After the ‘wedding hookups’ scene 4×14

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