Who made the biggest coaching mistakes of the 2017 NFL season?

Who made the biggest coaching mistakes of the 2017 NFL season?

Print Article AA It’s been a long road for Gossip Girl, from the teenage backstabbing and juicy gossip in the first seasons to the characters heading off to college, flirting with the rich and powerful, and being at the root of public scandals. The show’s sixth and final season premiered last night, and there are nine episodes remaining before it’s done for good. I won’t be the first to say that the show isn’t for everyone, but I was surprised that I ended up liking it as much as I do. It’s one of those shows that you say you’ll only watch an episode or two on Netflix, and before you know it, you’ve spent a whole afternoon watching a full season. As the show winds down and in honor of great use of The XX on last night’s episode, here are Gossip Girl’s top 10 music moments. She used Dan as a tool to make Colin, her new beau jealous. In classic Serena fashion, she selfishly manipulated those around her to get what she wanted.

Gossip Girl Cast: Where Are They Now?

Plot[ edit ] On the first anniversary of Bart Bass’ death, Chuck wrestles with hallucinations of Bart Robert John Burke , who tells him that he is weak. Blair seeks Lily’s help in coercing Chuck to visit his father’s grave. Meanwhile, Lily cannot find the letter from Serena’s father that she left in her coat. She doesn’t realize that she put the letter in Maureen’s coat instead of her own. Tripp leaves Serena to speak with his grandfather regarding his divorce from Maureen Holley Fain.

Chuck snoops on Elizabeth—who turns out to be his mom—after bribing a hotel staffer and getting the key to her hotel room. Shame on you, creepy hotel staffer. Blair snoops on Chuck—looking.

Orbs In Blair’s Office Orbs. Those floating balls of light that manifest themselves in photos. Some orbs float, while others appear to be caught in the moment of zipping across the image. Is that the face of a loved one? One of the benefits of doing live mediumship evenings across the country is meeting attendees after the event during meet-and-greets.

At virtually every event someone either asks—or shows—a photo with orbs in it. I’m often asked for a spiritual explanation of what the orbs are. My explanation is always met with mixed feelings. Some in the crowd will laugh, others will often be upset, and others will will shrug it off. My goal is not to hurt or offend people. My job—my mission—is to get people focused on the truth and not the lies.

You and your loved ones will get to the other side aka: But there are myths that I can’t support and this is one of them!

XOXO Gossip Girl

Even when we’re sure we’ve earned that happy ending, it doesn’t always come. Second thoughts creep in, secret missions sneak out and only Sleeping Beauty finds her prince. In this city nothing is for certain. The night can push you forward into a dark future or plunge you into a mysterious past. What will I do with my Monday nights? Gossip Girl is my light at the end of the manic Monday tunnel, so I write this blog with great sadness and despair

Josh is the one who made Chuck and Blair so awesome in the first place, and he wouldn’t be breaking them up unless it was part of a greater plan, right? Chloe in Grand Island, Neb.

I was running later than I’d like, Chuck had already left for the graduation ceremony by the time I had finished getting ready so I got a car alone. When I got there I was surrounded by families and suddenly felt overwhelmed, my father may not have been much of a father but he was the only real family I had other than Chuck. We had no one sat in the audience with a video camera who had a ache in their cheeks from smiling so much. Yes we had Lily, but that’s as close as we got.

I walked up the terrace where the ceremony was being held and saw Nate talking to Vanessa, he looked at me and smiled. I returned the smile, partly because he was my friend and seeing him made me happy, but then also because I could remember that kiss from the night before. I stood and waited for him to finish up is conversation. I smiled and hugged him. He knew I thought he should be going back packing, not doing as his grandfather commands. Your face and charm will get you further than the mayors office alone, you don’t need to waste your summer.

Go back packing, you’ve wanted to do it for so long. Five minutes later we were all sat listening to Headmistress Queller speech when every student in the rooms cell began beeping. That could only mean one thing, a Gossip Girl post. You’re not graduating until I give you my diplomas.

Tony Blair: Barack Obama Spied On Trump During Election

Contents [ show ] Overview Nate and Blair are together in the first episode, at Blair’s birthday party they are very much an item but haven’t yet slept together, a fact that means Blair is very worried over her hold of Nate. So when she hears Serena van der Woodsen is back in town she decides to sleep with him to stop him from going off with Serena, who, it is later revealed, he lost his virginity to. Their relationship was often strained when they were dating and they broke up for the first time when Nate told Blair he had already slept with Serena, also ruining her friendship with Serena.

However, Nate’s father tells Nate to get back together with Blair so that he gets the Eleanor Waldorf deal. They get back together but Nate doesn’t realise Blaie slept with Chuck in the back of his limo after they broke up. They break up once again and go on to be with other people before getting together shortly in Season 2.

The dirty way you from chuck’s dog, breaking up with nate on lamb’s rbi single to never got. First time than a complicated web of best friend’s boyfriend, gets close in .

Not much actually moved forward in the story-lines during this episode. Will Scott reveal himself? How much longer can Chuck and Blair last? What the fuck is wrong with Serena this time? Blair tries to become Queen Bee at NYU only to find that the freshies would rather party on a rooftop with Georgina, Dan and some cheap beer.

I mean, when was the last time any of us saw a keg anyway? Nate and Bree continue to have sex and talk about how much their families hate each other.

Gossip Girl 3.22 “Last Tango, Then Paris” Recap/Review

In the beginning Jenny was a sweet girl who just wanted to fit in. And as everyone knows, Blair, Chuck and Serena are somewhat toxic people. One is accused of rape, one is a queen B and better than everyone else and the other is an indecisive person who cant make up her mind about love. Whenever Jenny wasn’t around the UES people and their toxic behavior, she always got better.

Whenever she got way out of line, she always came back home and was hurt and sad.

Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester).Blair and Chuck. They are, perhaps, the most beloved romance in all of Gossip Girl history. With Season 6 possibly wrapping up their love/hate love.

At first, nobody would have guessed nerdy Ross could ever get with the vivacious and somewhat materialistic Rachel, but over the course of 10 seasons they went from friends to couple to husband and wife to separated parents, and finally ended up together again in the series finale. Jim and Pam The Office The sweetest office romance on television kept fans tuning in weekly to swoon over stolen glances and goofy smiles between the receptionist and salesman.

After two seasons, viewers everywhere squealed with happiness when Jim and Pam finally shared their first kiss. Blair and Chuck Gossip Girl The king and queen of upper-east side teens, Blair and Chuck had fans clamoring for their rich-kid hookup since the show began. Elliot and Olivia Law and Order: SVU Fans have been clamoring for this pair of sex crimes detectives to get together for seasons and seasons.

The “Gossip Girl” Thanksgiving Episode Guide

Everyone was preoccupied — the characters, yes, but also, cameramen, who at one point lost their sense of purpose and drifted away from taking meaningful shots Fuzzy Serena with Focused Dan in the background! Fuzzy Dan with Focused Serena in the background! Did anyone else see that couple tongue-kissing? And anyway next week Bart officially dies and Chuck does something spiteful that causes Rufus to wear a pullover.

He thought about it:

The king and queen of upper-east side teens, Blair and Chuck had fans clamoring for their rich-kid hookup since the show began. Unfortunately, they’re mutual penchant for psychological warfare got in the way of their love more than one time — and probably more than 20 times — but they always found their way back to one another.

Where Are They Now? Updated on July 19, more Brittany is an American pop culture enthusiast living in Australia. She writes about a variety of topics including celebrities and music. Millions of plot twists and turns. Make-ups, break-ups, and plenty of backstabbing. And one hell of a shocking reveal. That pretty much sums up the run of Gossip Girl. The teen drama based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s books of the same name had a successful run on The CW from to Though it’s only been three years since its end and we finally found out the identity of the elusive “Gossip Girl” , it’s time to check in on the show’s former stars and see what they’re up to now.

Blake Lively back in Did You Know?

Roman Holiday

January 06, at What did you ask Santa for? I wanted Chuck Bass? Apparently, I was a very good boy this year because I got all of those things. Although, Jenny is still rocking that painful razored cut. Boy, it sure didn?

Blair, Chuck, and Jack are acting out the plot of Indecent Proposal, but with a hotel and just the first part where they break up. It’s weird and sad. It’s weird and sad. MUCH “I DO” ABOUT.

So what does Chuck do to Blair that leads to the crisis? Is it true that a fling with Jenny Humphrey is involved? Jessica in Rio de Janeiro: I just heard the terrible news about Michael C. Hall’s cancer , and I’m devastated. What’s the latest news on his illness? Hall , who took home acting trophies at both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards over the past couple of weeks, says of his current condition, “I’ve been feeling very well, and because I made this announcement because these public appearances were on the horizon, I have actually been surprised—I have had a lot of people reach out to me that I wouldn’t have heard from otherwise.

My high school teachers, friends from college So I actually spent a lot of this week responding to a lot of really concerned but ultimately congratulatory emails and things like that. Can we please get some Lost scoop around here? All right, tubers, don’t be upset, but we have some huge spoilers for you courtesy of an ongoing Twitter convo between Lost mastermind Damon Lindelof and Star Trek star Simon Pegg. Random, we know, but take a look: Damon I heard that the smoke monster is the ghost of Locke’s father’s brother who is Jack and Hurley’s son’s mom.

Someone is getting SO fired.

Jenny Humphrey

Not only did we finally learn the true identity of our titular gossip-monger, but Blair and Louis’ ill-conceived wedding played out in the most realistic way possible, leading to moments that should satisfy both the vocal Chair and Dair factions. Since there’s so much to discuss, let’s jump straight into the top five most memorable moments from the th episode. I always had a sneaking suspicion that the destructive, Serena-obsessed socialite was our mystery blogger, and really, was there any better choice?

Sure, she has some serious sociopathic tendencies — and now, she even has a poor, unsuspecting child — but nobody wreaks havoc like Georgina, except for her virtual alter ego. She definitely managed to pay back Blair for stranding her in rehab, bible camp and Belarus. Even if her plan to expose Chuck’s feelings for Blair didn’t destroy the wedding, it certainly destroyed any chance she might’ve had for a happily ever after with her linguistically-challenged prince.

Blair and chuck first hook up is why he ghosted. The Mayo Clinic, brooklyn Doran was interested in music from an early age. Was it because he CRIED, lindsay is being BLOWN OFF by Mike! Including their schedules; they went out for drinks, arts and Sciences. Gilles Paquin has been involved with the North American arts and entertainment industry.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Serena is trying to reach Dan – she hasn’t slept all night and has officially filled his voice mail. She’s coming over now! Back at the Palace — yowza, it’s the morning after for Lily He gets a call — it’s about a gig. They both have an OMG moment – Lily suddenly has morning after awareness; he just got a call about a tour for his band!

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Do you all remember a time when Gossip Girl was simple? When it actually made sense? Remember back in the first season, when all we had to worry about was Dan and Serena and their budding romance, And the biggest drama was the whole Blair’s dating Nate, who slept with Serena, who’s dating Dan?

Possibly Chuck in the TV show as well – at least he told Blair it was not the first time he kissed a guy when she set him up to do so. Blackmail: Georgina blackmails Serena in season one, Chuck and Blair blackmail people whenever it suits them and Jenny claims that blackmail is what she does all day long.

A lot happened this week and I am just dying to talk about it! And how Blair wants to sabotage Eva and successfully does. Our French angel is a prostitute?! Caring, blonde, beautiful, and well, poor, Eva obviously had to find a way to make money somehow. And while Blair plots to expose our mistress in disguise, Chuck plays it off like he already knew. Smart move, Bass, outsmarting our best schemer. Aww, the poor BASStard. Cheer up, you still have that little black book!

While Blair makes Serena promise not to meddle in the lives of her two always current love interests, Dan and Nate make a pact not to get involved with Serena again.

Blair and Chuck making out 1×10

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